The defense customer needed the ability to do the following:

  • Merge four different file formats
  • Rename
  • Compress
  • Stamp
  • Add a readme file to each package for file collaboration to and from external stakeholders

The package needs to include a sign-off sheet detailing the approvers that approved the documents/designs within the file package.  Should the package include embedded files, the system must have the ability to convert or call out the embedded files for visibility and data loss prevention. 

  • Automation
  • Data loss prevention
  • Supplier/vendor collaboration
  • Efficiency
  • Error reduction
Benefits of Qore8

In heavily regulated industries such as Defense, managing data exchanged among partners and with customers can be incredibly complex. Trying to manage the multiple file conversions to PDF format including embedded documents complete with a sign-off sheet and readme.txt file is a daunting task akin to trying to stuff feathers into a pillow. If done manually, something will always go missing. And missing documents lead to errors, missteps and lost revenue.

Qore8 provides a comprehensive solution for converting diverse output to PDF, including CATIA V5 parts and subproducts, nearly any document format, as well as embedded files. The platform can also merge all of the content into a single PDF file, adding approval sign-off sheets (with digital signatures) using the Customer Document Generator. All of this, plus a readme file for instructions, can be zipped up and traced throughout the workflow, through the supply chain, and out to the customer. This is just one example of the power of the Qore8 platform.

Aerospace & Defense Use Case Infographic Pt.1
Aerospace & Defense Use Case Infographic Pt.2

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