How to Mitigate Supply Chain Pressures

Supply Chain Logistics

The Aerospace and Defense industries are being hit with multiple challenges around supply chain as travellers around the world are starting to increase their airline activity.  Passport offices are overwhelmed and backlogged, lineups at the airport have increased and travellers are frustrated.

Industries are rethinking how to alleviate some of the pressures that are not just limited to staffing shortages, parts availability but ensuring valuable time is not wasted logistically getting bid approvals, part changes and getting manufacturing processes correct the first time.

Supply chain challenges are not only drastically impacting the airline industry, but industries across the world.  Even if supplies are low, what can your organization do internally, to ensure in these limited resourced times, that your internal systems are performing without any lag and causing delays that can easily be rectified.  Are you able to identify out of 1020 different drawings with 534 different variations of an engineering drawing for a part change, which version is the most up to date that should be sent for final approval?   Can you track all comments and correspondence to ensure your organization isn’t lagging to get projects completed on time?

The challenges are quite vast including labour shortages, on boarding skilled workers, parts availability and suppliers pinched and struggling with rising demand.

Qore8 can help streamline and fix the mess around your company’s manual errors, missing documents, status of approvals, confusion around versions and miscommunication by tracking everything in one centralized, secure location. Large volume technical packages of documents and drawings are sent to who it’s supposed to be sent to, call to actions are very clear, expiration dates can be sent, comments and versions can be tracked back and forth, and everything can be digitally signed with a clear audit trail of who signed, when and where.  We can clean up the disorder, remove the bottlenecks and help with your supply chain process.

With supply chain strained, increased order levels and staffing cut by nearly 50% in some industries, having a system that works is critical to an organizations sustainability.

Will your organization try to get ahead of the challenges, some companies have started…

“We use Qore8 Transmittal software to communicate between our outside vendors, our supply chain team, and our engineering team.  It’s really a central location where they can all log in, see the status of questions and approvals, and know where to go back to trace information.  We had an incident in the past where we placed an order with our vendor and they came back with questions which went to our engineering team and our supply chain team thought the order wasn’t processed and we expected the order to be on our docs, when it wasn’t here, we went back to the supplier and said hey we were waiting on an approval, we had a question from your engineering team and it just fell through the cracks. Now with using this Qore8 Transmittal software, instances like these just don’t happen”. Renee – Headsup Technology

Supply Chain Logistics