What are Transmittals & Submittals? What is the Difference Between Them?

Transmittals & Submittals 

You may be wondering what is a transmittal and a submittal is and the difference is between them.

Transmittals and submittals are an essential part of communication in every industry. It is integral to an organization’s productivity, protection, and project completion to ensure that transmittals, submittals, and other relevant documents are safely and securely stored in the cloud.


In this article, we will break down what a transmittal and submittal is, the key differences between the two, and how the Qore8 software can help you share, record, and track your project-related documentation.

What Is a Submittal?

Often used in construction and other industries, where there is constant sharing of samples, documents, files, and other information, back and forth for review, changes, comments and approvals.


As the name suggests, submittals are primarily used to submit files and documents to the appropriate personnel, involving architects, engineers, consultants, field managers, suppliers and other key stakeholders involved in project implementation.


After submitting the technical package to the respective personnel, the details are thoroughly reviewed. This is an essential step for getting the necessary approval from the required staff or other members before the commencement of the project. 


The project is assumed to begin only when a seal of acceptance is granted after the submittal review. In the manufacturing industry, the successful execution of projects depends on plans and specifications. 


The plan and specifications must be the correct and most up-to-date information before commencement. Submittals, however, involve the inputs and suggestions of external consultants and stakeholders. Without that, the project may end up becoming unsuccessful, deadlines are missed, document updates are not received by all, leading to an incorrect part ordered.


Submittals are usually featured in the early stage of the project. Thus, the content is generally comprehensive, containing relevant and accurate information. 


A submittal helps to verify the right products, procedures, and techniques for an upcoming project. It helps to fine-tune the project and tie all the loose ends that may be present. 


Additionally, it consists of product data, materials data, shop drawings, documentation and other objects related to the submittal.

What is a Transmittal?

Transmittals are a summary log of files containing data, drawings, documents and other assets that are usually merged together as part of the submittal. The transmittal summary log sheet is then transferred along with the submittal package to another stakeholder that can either be within the same company or outside the organization.


Transmittals are quite important because it ensures the security and accurate transfer of relevant information to the right individual.. A transmittal audit log helps to keep track of every communication, whether completed, expired or archived.  Transmittals also track approvals, rejections and any comments related to the package of information. Transmittals are encrypted ensuring that only users with the right permissions are able to access the right  information package. 


Transmittal documents can also be referred to as packing slips containing certain mandatory information. These can include the name, date, contact details, address of the project, and the details of both the sender and the recipients, as well as the contents of the Submittal. 


In every industry a large volume of documentation is exchanged. That volume increases with commercial projects. This can cause challenges when trying to ensure accurate and secure distribution. 


When was the document sent? To whom was the document sent? Not having a clear record of these details could impact cost and cause compliance and legal issues whenever conflict arises. 


These conflicts can delay payments that should be made on a project. Questions can arise relating to time the information was sent, who it was sent to, who received it, etc. All these can be proved with a detailed and accurate record. Don’t rely on emails, they can get lost or accidentally deleted. 

Qore8 makes transmittals and submittals easy

Qore8 can help keep track of your information to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.


We offer a centralized location to securely organize, manage and deliver transmittals and submittal technical packages. Departments within organizations lose track of which version, revision and relevant documents that have been approved. 


Our software minimizes risk associated with revision tracking and eliminates the need to manually track what documents and files have been distributed internally and externally to collaborators.  You’ll also gain instant access to the same materials and documents sent to the recipients.


Our transmittal and submittal software at Qore8 is designed to facilitate communication, prevent misunderstanding, and standardize the system of sharing information. 


With Qore8, creating, managing, and tracking your communication using transmittals and submittals from a centralized location is hassle-free and straightforward. 

Why is Qore8 important for Submittals & Transmittals?

  • Ensure Security
  • Audit Trail
  • Avoid Litigation
  • Reduce Bottlenecks
  • Increase Supply Chain Efficiency
  • Speed Up Bid Processing
  • Eliminate errors in Parts Ordering Process
  • Automation with Digital Signatures
  • Central Location of all Communication
  • Delivery Accuracy

Business Challenges Solved by Qore8

Streamlined Request for Information (RFI) Process

Request for Information (RFI) allows project team members to clarify the bottlenecks associated with a project. These could include areas such as the specs, contracts, plans, and other documents. 


With an efficient and effective RFI process, you’ll be able to adequately keep track of communication, saving a lot of your project time. 

Qore8 offers a platform where you can:

  • Manage comprehensive and detailed RFI from a centrailized location
  • Organize and automate your processes to keep track of your RFIs
  • Track Revision, Comments and Approvals for Your Submittals and Transmittals

Submittals and Transmittals Tracking

Increasing visibility into the status of your transmittals and submittals is easy and hassle-free with Qore8. 


Our platform allows project team members to easily access and remain updated with the status of your transmittals and submittals throughout the process. 


You can also:

  • Track the submittal from the moment it is written to the moment the answer is received. 
  • Gain all-time access to information
  • Attach images, samples, plans, specs, and materials easily. 
  • Send submittals via FTP, Dropbox, Google Drive etc to multiple contacts seamlessly

Comprehensive Transmittal Capabilities

Our Qore8 platform also allows for recipient call to actions, expiration dates, expiring the package entirely as well as being system agnostic, so whatever ECM, PLM, ERP system you are using, your company can leverage all of our benefits to the fullest.


You can also access an audit trail of records for time and date sent, recipients, company and email to maintain a comprehensive history of communication. 

Transform Your Documentation Process with Qore8

Transmittals and submittals are an essential part of communication in every industry. It is integral to your organization’s productivity, protection and project completion to ensure that your transmittals, submittals, and other relevant documents are safely and securely stored in the cloud. 


Use Qore8 to share, record, and track your project-related documentation with the click of a button. 

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