Make CAD software your own with our CAD customization services

CAD has been a huge game changer, but are you getting the full benefits?

Simulations and 3D visualizations are only the beginning of virtual environments and the game-changing impact of CAD software. It’s the engine that makes it all possible. However, good-to-great means adapting the genius of CAD specifically to your business, your customers, and to every phase of your design project. We offer CAD customization services that help you do that.

CAD Customization

CAD developers target an open market. Qore8 takes this wide net design and customizes it to your company’s specific application. First, we analyze your product design lifecycle for points of optimization. Then, we create intuitive software designed specifically for your productivity and cost efficiency, to compress time to market, and more.

Qore8 is a high-level team of global business efficiency analysts. As a result, our products and services consistently prove value and meet your objectives with ease.


Qore8 makes CAD customization simple and creates a complete workbench inside your existing software. Expand your processes to include KBE, design automation, process automation or integration with other tools.

CAD Integrations

CAD integration tools are vital to your downstream processes. They are necessary to support the following benefits:

CAD Engines

We are experts in the APIs of:

  • Real-time access to all information
  • Seamless change and release process
  • Simultaneous collaboration
  • Useful for costing, sourcing, and manufacturing
  • No data redundancy—one single source of truth
  • CATIA v5 & v6
  • Microsoft Office
  • AutoCAD
  • NX

Drawing Automation Services

  • Automatic generation of true scale drawing

  • Consistency in design and documentation

  • Built-in intelligence to take care of various aspects of design and manufacturing

  • Bill of Materials (BOM) with accurate weight and material summary reports

  • Improves accuracy and establishes uniformity in the presentation of the drawing. Thus, improving organizational efficiency

  • Drastically reduces engineering & design hours by completely automating the design and drawing process

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